Nov. 30, 2022

Goals: Are Yours Not Good or Next Level?

This episode might have been the most vulnerable and challenging yet. I'm not sure about you, but I know it led me to re-evaluate some of my goals.

We see books, podcasts, and TED talks about what it takes to succeed all the time, but if I'm going to listen to anyone, it's this week's guest (sorry, James Clear). Kevin went from hitting rock bottom despite having everything, to taking a huge risk in pursuing what made him feel fulfilled: podcasting. He doesn't pretend it was easy, either: from going into credit card debt and bombing speeches, he had to learn along the way with the support of his best friend and business partner, Alan, for years before achieving the dream. And rather than taking all the credit for his accolades, he gives more of it to Alan and how much he pushed alongside him.

It's this type of conversation that is all the more relatable - but also convicting. Kevin didn't write a book for all of us to read, shut, and forget about - he gifted us with a few simple questions and tidbits of wisdom that anyone could put on a sticky note (and in my opinion, less is more). How can you not listen to it? I know I've been chewing on all of it ever since I interviewed him a month ago.

We all have goals, dreams, and problems to solve that keep us up at night. Not a lot of us take many steps after simple ruminating and fantasizing. So how can we take the next step?

Think about this:

1) Look in your past: what are you naturally good at or interested in?
2) What pisses you off?

Then, in using the gifts you have to solve what pisses you off:

1) Why do I want to do this?
2) Is this goal possible for me?
3) Is this goal possible at all?
4) Is this goal worth it?

This is relevant to not just big picture goals, but the small steps you take in between that make it sustainable. And along the entire ride, Kevin says you need to get comfortable with one thing: mud. There are guaranteed setbacks along the way, and you need to lean into them rather than run from them. We pursue a lot of things only to stop at the first sign of failure. People who succeed push through this.

I've been pushing through a lot of it, to be honest. I get discouraged, and honestly feel like hiding, when I see my downloads drop. But thanks to Kevin, I've been inspired to instead ask myself why they're dropping, and look to myself for the answer rather than blaming other external factors.

I'm proud to have chased a goal for the right reasons, and to see it through in the launching of Not Good. It has already impacted more people than I expected it to, and so for that, even the episodes I bombed haven't gone to waste. But after talking to Kevin, I now know that all of the interests, strengths, and passions that brought me here are also meant for something bigger and better, and this podcast is just a step on the way there.

That being said, I have to thank everyone who has been behind me thus far, tuning in to every episode and giving me honest feedback. I'm grateful for my husband Garrett, who has been my Alan through this journey, pushing me to keep going and trust the process. And if it weren't for Kevin and his wisdom, I'm not sure I would have figured out the direction I truly need to go in. 

Not Good will continue until I feel it has run its full course - but I'm recognizing that its foundation wasn't as solid as I thought it was, and it isn't sustainable. I think, metaphorically, it's the basketball team Michael Jordan got cut from. This will be what frustrates me enough to get better.

Stay tuned - and keep going.

- MJ