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Susan Johnson

Author/Inspirational Speaker

Susan Johnson is author of “Some Dreams Are Worth Keeping A Memoir of My Bipolar Journey.” She is an inspirational speaker and has given a TEDX “Having A Mental Illness Is Not A Death Sentence.” She graduated from Drake University with a BA in Sociology. She is a blogger for Bp Hope magazine. Susan currently works with special education students with learning disabilities in an elementary school. She lives in fabulous Las Vegas with her amazing husband and bossy Siberian cat.

Living With Bipolar Disorder:
Jan. 17, 2023

Living With Bipolar Disorder: "Euphoric Highs and Devastating Lows"

Trigger warning: depression, mention of suicide cause. Guest Susan Johnson shares her story of being diagnosed and living with bipolar disorder. After sharing the struggles she has and continues to overcome, she reflects on h...

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