Jan. 31, 2023

Living With Anxiety: Two Anxious Girls

Living With Anxiety: Two Anxious Girls

This week, the "Living With" series wraps up as Molly teams with her friend Bailey Nascimento to talk about their experiences being diagnosed with anxiety and how it manifested from childhood to adulthood. They also share helpful tools they utilize regularly to cope with anxious times.

Bailey is an event planner in the New England area, and while she doesn't have a professional degree in the mental health field, she's learned a great deal from experiencing it personally (which Molly believes makes her even more of an expert).

If you or a loved one is in need of immediate psychiatric assistance, please call the 24/7 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988.

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Disclaimer: Like a therapeutic setting, this podcast is designed to be place where people can share their beliefs openly. The opinions of each guest may not align with those of the host.

Bailey NascimentoProfile Photo

Bailey Nascimento

Event Planner

Just your very average person! Nothing overly exciting about me. I’m an event planner based in New England who has no professional degree in any relation to mental health but have dealt with anxiety for most of my life and I guess that makes me somewhat of an expert!